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Ask Metropolitan Movers Etobicoke to Perform Appliance And Freight Delivery

In Etobicoke and outlying communities in the Greater Toronto Metro Area, customers rely on Metropolitan Movers for skilled short and long distance relocation services. Yet did you know, we also offer convenient appliance and freight delivery assistance? If you need fridge moving services while relocating from one address to another in Etobicoke, simply contact us. We also move stoves, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and other appliances.

Transport Heavy, Bulky, And Fragile Items Safely


Today, many households in Etobicoke own high tech kitchen and utility room appliances. Bumping or jostling these products during transit risks breaking sensitive digital components. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of relocating an expensive refrigerator or dishwasher only to discover your item sustained preventable damage in transit, you certainly understand the vital importance of moving household appliances with care.

We’ve invested in all the tools and supplies required to transport appliances safely. We routinely assist customers by helping them relocate heavy, bulky, or fragile possessions (including appliances of every type). Our team uses dollies, straps, and protective blankets and padding to help safeguard this freight. From delicate coffeemakers to massive freezers, household products of every size receive our full attention during packing, transport, and delivery. Consider contacting our appliance movers for knowledgeable assistance during your next relocation!


Appliance Moving On Request

Metropolitan Movers Etobicoke also offers a service of potential interest to most households (including customers who don’t require relocation services). Have you ordered an appliance recently? Ask us to collect and deliver this merchandise for you! We transport freight for both residential and commercial customers.
Companies seeking to equip fully furnished apartment complexes, condo communities, and residential inns also really appreciate this assistance. Retail businesses enjoy the option of contracting out their furniture and appliance delivery services through us. Simply contact our moving firm to discuss your schedule and timetable requirements. Depend upon our experienced appliance movers to help deliver freight for you in Etobicoke whenever you require this service.

Specialized Assistance Moving Appliances


During the course of a typical year, many situations lead customers to seek assistance transporting appliances safely. Moving these items from one place to another in this part of the Greater Toronto Area sometimes requires purchasing supplies and renting equipment and vehicles. Customers performing DIY appliance moving risk damaging expensive merchandise.Our company offers a far more efficient, dependable alternative. We specialize in packing, transporting, and delivering business and household goods. You won’t find a better team to entrust with appliance and freight moving assignments! Call upon Metropolitan Movers Etobicoke for help in any of these everyday situations:

  • Moving appliances during residential or business relocations;
  • Furnishing new appliance retail outlets;
  • Conveying inventory to auction or garage sale sites;
  • Transporting recently purchased appliances to your location;
  • Opening or refurnishing laundromats or laundry rooms.

Select Experienced Appliance Movers


Our skilled team of movers provides knowledgeable assistance transporting appliances up and down steps, between floors, and over busy Etobicoke roadways. We always exercise care to protect these valuable products against preventable damage. Our moving company uses the correct tools for every project.

We offer reliable appliance and freight collection, transport, and delivery services throughout Etobicoke. Request this service anytime. Simply call 647-846-3175 to schedule this assistance!

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