Moving and Storage


Metropolitan Movers Etobicoke Helps Clients Obtain Secure Storage

Metropolitan Movers Etobicoke provides comprehensive relocation assistance tailored to meet the unique needs of households and businesses. We furnish temporary storage services upon request. We’ll also help clients locate secure short term (or longer term) storage facilities available through local Etobicoke providers.

Obtain Convenient Assistance

Why does the availability of storage services during relocations hold value? In some situations, this capability proves critically important. It might mean the difference between meeting a pressing moving deadline or sustaining an expensive delay.

We offer helpful assistance whenever clients discover they require storage services. Simply let us know about your needs. We’ll work closely with you to locate the best available storage options in this community. We possess personal familiarity with the Etobicoke Area and its available warehouse and self-storage providers.


Solve Unexpected Relocation Storage Problems With Our Help

Today, both residential and commercial clients sometimes discover they cannot move without obtaining storage facilities first. They may require a secure, dry, clean, well-lit location to house some possessions. Just consider a few circumstances in which the availability of warehousing facilities proves essential:

  • A client wishes to downsize to a much smaller living space;
  • Unexpected events delay a real estate closing or lease signing, requiring the client to reside in a temporary Etobicoke address for a longer period of time before moving into a permanent home;
  • A business needs to find temporary space to house inventory following the termination of one lease contract and the approval of another;
  • While packing, clients discover they have seriously underestimated the volume of their belongings;
  • An unexpected delay prevents an auction house from conducting a previously scheduled sale requested by a relocating client;
  • A client plans to move away from Etobicoke on a short term basis and does not wish to transport every possession to a distant temporary address.

Use Our Excellent Facilities on a Short Term Basis

Our temporary storage facilities assist clients facing unexpected relocation schedule changes or delays. We maintain a temperature controlled, dry, secure warehouse in Etobicoke for this purpose. If necessary, we’ll store your moving boxes and other freight items in this location temporarily before transporting the shipment to your requested destination.

Clients cannot access the items stored in our facility, of course. However, they do gain peace of mind knowing we keep belongings entrusted to our care in a secure location pending shipping. We charge reasonable rates. Our company can only provide this assistance on a short-term basis.


We Help Clients Find Third Party Etobicoke Self-Storage Services

In some cases, our clients may require other short term or long term options. For example, what happens if a client suddenly receives a re-assignment from an employer and the shipping destination changes? It may prove necessary to warehouse freight for an indefinite period. Under these circumstances, Metropolitan Movers Etobicoke assists clients in locating other warehouse or self-storage providers in the local area.

We support our clients by providing an array of essential relocation services. Our team works hard to ensure we furnish useful freight handling and warehousing assistance. We understand moving plans sometimes undergo unforeseen changes. Use our flexible services to help enjoy a more pleasant, stress-free relocation!


Further Information

We welcome your inquiries about our freight shipping and warehousing services. Simply contact us at 647-846-3175. We look forward to helping you!